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Solved Past Papers of NUST Entry Test

Solved Past Papers of NET Engineering, Business and Medical

Past Papers of NUST are of extreme help for the students because of following reasons:

  1. A lot many questions repeat, either with exact same statement and values or with a small change. So if a student solves the past papers he can secure a seat in NUST much easily as compared to the one who does not solve the papers.
  2. Going through the papers give you the idea which chapters are the most important and which are least important. This way you can give more time to important chapters and less time to others.

These are the reasons we have collected the Past papers of NUST(2013-2018), organized them and prepared their solutions. The students who will register for our service will get:

  • A book with solved past papers (About 1500 MCQs with detailed solutions) , this will be sent at your address via post.
  • An account on this site to solve the questions online.

In the book all the questions are divided chapter wise for all subjects. This will give you the idea which chapters are important and which are not. For example in Biology, there are some chapters which have more than 40 MCQs ( very very important) and there are also some chapters which have less than 10 MCQs ( Not much important ). This way the MCQs are organized for all the subjects.

The MCQs will be from the Following Subjects:

  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Intelligence
When and How can you get the Past Papers of NUST?

The registrations are open for those who want to get the Solved Past Papers of NUST. The registration form is attached at the end of the post. The price of the papers is Rs 1000 only,  It includes a subscription of OETP using which you can practice the Past Papers online and the printed book which will be sent at your address. The day you submit the fee your account will be created on OETP using which you can start solving the past paper MCQs. The book will be sent at your address within 1-2 days of your Fee submission.

The book will be sent to the registered students on first come first serve basis. The one who will pay the fee earlier will get the book earlier. Limited copies are available, so register your copy as soon as possible.

Who should buy the Past Papers of NUST?

The past papers will be helpful for students who are applying for Engineering, Architecture, Business Studies and Bio Sciences in NUST.

Use the Link below to place the order for the books:

November 12, 2018

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  1. Sir how much time you more need to update the course many of your customers are waiting for that and you are not attending our calls

  2. No,do you receive it?And by the way why the Admin is not replying,what do you think?

  3. farzan have you receive this book?

  4. It’s same here, you say about 5 days I haven’t received notes either for 2 full months, he not only does not reply but also does not answer to any phone calls. Luckily, I was able to chat via messenger but he keeps on pending there too. All I would say is that it’s been the worst service I ever encountered.

  5. Hi.
    Your parcel was sent to you on Thursday. Must have been reached by now. Please check and confirm.


  6. Hi Hassan.
    The book was sent to you the last day. You would have received it today 🙂


  7. Hi Hamza.
    Your book is scheduled to be delivered today (On Friday) and will reach you on Saturday. You can get the tracking number for the Courier today after 5pm by contacting us anytime to track your book.


  8. Hi Saad.
    The registration is open for the book now.
    You may register and buy the book

  9. Hi @hafeezsatti the registrations for the book are open now 🙂

  10. Yes these are from past papers

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    Check under the section of Full book tests plz 🙂

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  14. @shameen if you are not a member of our NET preparation session, you have to fill the form given above, submit the fee and send us the picture of the slip. You will be given access to the papers.

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