Guidebook for NET Business Studies and Social Sciences


Guidebook for Preparation of NET Business Studies and Social Sciences


This Guidebook is based on the Past Papers of NUST Business Studies and Social Sciences. Past Papers are of extreme help for the students because of following reasons:

  1. A lot many questions repeat, either with exact same statement and values or with a small change. So if a student solves the past papers he/she can secure a seat in NUST much easily as compared to the one who does not solve the papers.
  2. Going through the papers give you the idea which topics are the most important and which are least important. This way you can give more time to important chapters and less time to others.


These are the reasons we have collected the Past papers of NUST Business Studies and Social Sciences (2013 onwards till very recent NET), organized them and prepared their solutions.

  • The book contains around 1500 MCQs with answers and detailed solutions. This book will be sent at your address via courier service.

MCQs of following subjects are covered in the book:

  • Math
  • English
  • Intelligence

The book contains:

  • A High Frequency Word List for NET
  • Vocabulary Questions from past NETs
  • Words to prepare for spelling correction
  • Practice Questions for Comprehension and Analogies
  • Practice Questions for all Topics of Math with Answers and Explanations
  • Formula Sheet
  • Practice Questions for all topics of Intelligence with Answers and Explanations.

These past papers of NUST will be helpful for students who are applying for Business Studies and Social Studies at NUST.

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