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Toppers of NET-1

NET-1 session for the admission year 2016 was conducted at end of December and start of January. A total of …Read More

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Closing Merits of NUST 2017

Closing Merits of NUST 2017 NUST uploaded the First selection List for all UG programs (NET and SAT based) except …Read More

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Important Chapters for NET

Based on the papers of past few years here is the list of most important chapters for NET. Biology : …Read More

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Important Points from Biology

Download→  imp points biology The first time I encountered it, my misspelling detector tingled, but I soon realized that it …Read More

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Past Papers of ECAT

In ECAT 2014 there were 32 Mcqs from that were from papers of last few years (2005-2013). Most of them were exactly the …Read More

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Solved Past Papers of NUST Entry Test

Past Papers of NUST are of extreme help for the students because of following reasons: A lot many questions repeat, …Read More

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